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Unlimited Talk & Text $19.95


Save Your Business Money

With fixed rate plans and competitive pricing, you can plan your business finances easily and not have to deal with surprise bills

Create a Professional Appearance

With smooth call handling for customers and clients, you can enhance your business credibility and enjoy a professional reputation, whatever the size of your company.

Keep Personal And Business Calls Separate

Now your personal number can stay private, with separate calls to your business line.

Works With Any Device

No more worries about compatibility as our simple, flexible system operates across any device you have

Simple and Super Fast

The set-up process couldn’t be easier, with a quick and easy process

Ultimate Flexibility

You want to do business anytime, anywhere and a calling system can free you up to access your business phone from anywhere in the world.

Ultimate Freedom

No long-term contracts, no pressure! A scalable model that grows with your business

Keep On Talking

With unlimited minutes and texts available on your plan, you won’t have to worry if you get into complex discussions.

Flexibility At Your Fingertips

Today’s successful business is flexible, delivering anytime and anywhere. With 800service.co, you can run your business from any mobile or landline. This gives you ultimate freedom about when and where you operate and allows you to provide a high level of customer support and build your business at all times. You no longer have to be tied to a single office location - access your calls anywhere and the touch of the button. Being able to maintain your business wherever you are gives you the freedom to run things your own way, without compromising on service levels.

Toll Free & Vanity Numbers

With our easy-to-operate app, you can also have your pick of Vanity or Toll Free voip numbers as well. If you’ve ever seen a memorable vanity number featured in a company’s advertising, you’ll know how powerful they can be for customer recall. Leverage that for your own business with a number that makes sense. And if you want a national presence, a toll-free number can get those enquiries rolling in. Finding the perfect toll-free number for your business is as easy as scrolling through and making your selection.

Freedom of Speech With Unlimited Minutes And Texts

Wave goodbye to complicated billing, with one simple flat-rate plan
Have you been overpaying for your traditional telephone service? Stuck to a restrictive plan that hits you with extra changes and forces you to keep a close eye on every minute you talk? 800 Service™ gives a reliable, fixed-rate fee that sets you free from overage fees and hidden charges with unlimited minutes and texts, you can spend as long as you need to getting things right.

The Professional Touch To Help Your Business Succeed

As your business grows, so will the services that you need - and that might be more than just a phone number. Our suite of communication tools are all scalable and can grow with your business. You can upgrade your monthly package at any point to include extra services. Advanced call tracking, contact management, recording of calls for legal compliance and training, predictive dialling, employee onboarding, remote call monitoring and a host of other tools - up and running in minutes.

Get More Insight With Call Tracking & Analytics

A targeted approach can transform your business. Be smarter about when to place calls, knowing what time your contacts are most likely to answer. And when you run marketing activities, get a true picture of their success with custom numbers that are assigned to a campaign.

Raise Your Success Rate with an Auto-Dialer

Aiming to increase the hit rate of your sales efforts? 800 Service™ can give you preview, automatic, and predictive dialing capabilities to help generate leads.

Get More Done With Visual Voicemail

Getting more done on the go just became easier, with our voicemail-to-email transcription service. Deal with your voicemails easily on the go with custom notifications to any email service you choose.

Keep Sales Leads Warm With Auto-Text

If your customers can’t get through, how do you keep them from calling elsewhere? Stop those clients calling someone else if you’re busy on another call with a handy text message service to keep them interested and engaged.

800 Service™ Pricing You Can Trust

No Contracts, No Setup Fees, Cancel Anytime and Unlimited Minutes - Ultimate Freedom And Flexibility

Life's complicated enough, your 800 Service™ shouldn't be. Enjoy self-service, flat-fee pricing, without any long-term contracts or surprises. Our service can grow with your business with flexible solutions that support you to get the job done.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

Keeping Your Business On Track, Whatever Your Sector

The needs of your business are unique, but whatever sector you operate in, our feature rich and easy to use 800 Service™ can support what you do. With a fixed rate plan and easy set up, you can get a professional and comprehensive calling and text solution up and running in no time. Simply select the phone numbers you need and start receiving calls and texts straight away. Then get smarter with additional advanced features such as call tracking, geo-location, auto dialling, lead source and quality, and employee performance metrics.

Get The Message Across With Business and Toll-Free Texting

A text message solution that works - even on your toll-free number.

Text messaging can be one of the most engaging ways of reaching your customers. With two-way text messaging from 800 Service™, customers can get in touch from their mobile device easily. Your portal allows you to respond quickly one-to-one or forward on messages to another number. Set up automated responses for common queries based on a keyword system with our custom SMS auto-response service. Never let an enquiry slip through the net again!
Toll-Free Calling and Texting

Toll-Free Calling and Texting


Don’t just take our word for it on the high quality communication tools that your business could benefit from - here’s what our customers say.

Up And Running In A Flash

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply select the services you need and we’ll walk you through how to get set up. When it's this easy to get going and there are no long-term contracts and hidden fees, you can concentrate on growing your business.

Vanity Numbers Available

Vanity Numbers Available

Make Your Business Memorable With A Vanity Number

Customers are bombarded with marketing messages during an average day. A vanity number can really make your business memorable. We’ve all seen these numbers that spell out a specialism or industry name - think 1-800-CALL-ME. This helps your number be easily visible across print and digital advertising.

800 Service™ Can Support Your Business

We provide a fully scalable, cost-effective and simple service, designed to support small businesses to get up and running quickly and make their operations much more professional. Thousands of businesses use our communication tools to get them the competitive edge - and you can too.
Communicate from your Mobile Device

Communicate from your Mobile Device

Take Your Number With You

Have an existing number you would like to port over? Email info@800service.co to get the process started.

One Low Fixed Fee

Focus on your business not your phone bills. Enjoy flat fee pricing with 800 Service™.

Common Questions About 800 Service™

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